Old school memory…

Anyone remember when we were playing dunkball at 2:00 a.m. out by the pool that one time and it was 135 degrees and Jerrod rolled his ankle and then climbed into bed and didn’t get out for three days. He just marinated in his own filth.

Or the times the Jeff and Jerrod would turn down the sound on the Spanish channel and do voice-overs? Or when Jeff would speedskate through the apartment in nothing but his underwear, a wife-beater and a Frost and Glow cap? Or the Russian Dance? Or Jeff’s swivel sit down move? Or honey buns and chocolate milk?

That’s old school…


4 Responses to “Old school memory…”

  1. I’m laughing out loud at those…especially Jeff speed skating. Also remember Jerrod turning up the heat as high as it could go in the car during the middle of summer and not letting anybody roll down the windows or get out of the car. And sprinter shabap…if that is how you spell it.

  2. One more thing…I wonder if Mango’s parents are still paying off the credit card debt that we racked up at the Shamrock? He bought all of us stuff every freakin’ night…dang! I mean ice cream, chocolate milk, gatorade, all kinds of crap. Man that was fun….my blood sugar still hasn’t come down.

  3. swivel sit – CLASSIC!

  4. What about option ball????

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